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Keep Your Fueling Operations Safe and Your Aircraft Flying

Meet the June 2023 Deadline for New NFPA Fueling Safety Requirements

New National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 407 requirements go into effect June 2023. NFPA has updated regulatory requirements for aviation fill stands and refuelers to improve safety, reduce the risk of fuel spills, fires or accidents, and help protect operators from injury.

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How to Protect Valuable Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricant Products from Theft

Robust, Durable Locking Cap Keeps Thieves at Bay from Tanks

With petroleum and oil products commanding high prices, the risk of theft is rising in the U.S. Tanks using a tight-fill connection holding diesel, heating oil, and lube may be installed away from human supervision—making them easy targets for theft. An average size tank holding 275 gallons of heating oil at an average price of $5.81 per gallon (per Mass.gov November 18, 2022), is worth $1,597 of oil that can be vulnerable to thieves when left unprotected. Theft, which has primarily been a problem in emerging nations, has become more prevalent in U.S. markets.

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