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Dependable Overfill Prevention and Grounding for top and bottom loading

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The food and beverages industry is a growing market for Scully. Our long standing reputation for quality and dependable overfill prevention and grounding systems in more traditional markets such as petroleum and chemical has led to Scully Signal Company being approached by major beverage manufacturers to provide solutions for their operations. Certain foods and beverages pose risks for manufacturers due to product characteristics such as flammability or the method in which they are loaded.

Traditionally, many of our customers in this market are looking to convert to bottom loading to reduce risk and maximize efficiency, but it’s not always feasible due to transport fleets. Scully Signal Company can provide a hybrid top and bottom loading system to allow for transport fleets to be updated over time, allowing our customers to start on the journey to a safer and more efficient operation.

Scully Signal Company acknowledges that our customers cannot have unacceptable risk in their operation. That’s why our products are designed, manufactured, and tested to the very highest possible standard. Providing the safest systems in the industry is a passion—it’s why the majority of our products are third-party certified for function safety and maximum assurance.

The robust Scully stainless steel chemical sensor is ideally suited to food and beverage applications. When incorporated with a ground bolt grounding device, Scully provides the safest, most dependable overfill prevention and grounding system for our customer loading operations.

Scully Systems offers:

  • No operator on top of the vehicle ensures reduced liabilities and lower insurance costs
  • Improved efficiency in our customer loading operations
  • Dynacheck® Self-Checking circuitry means your Scully overfill prevention system checks itself 30 times per second to prevent human error, and if any sensor or component failure is detected, it automatically shuts down the operation
  • One connection does it all—overfill protection, static grounding, and Dead Man Control
  • Stainless steel overfill sensors ideal suited to food and beverage applications
  • Scully has the longest running safety record (over 25 years) in hazardous liquids handling
  • Third-party functional safety certification
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