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Scully’s first product, the Ventalarm Signal®, was invented by Francis P. Scully in 1935. This ingenious device, which whistled continuously while the tank was filling, was a simple fail-safe instrument which revolutionized the fuel oil industry—preventing spills while allowing for faster fill rates. Since then, Scully Signal Company has continued to innovate and manufacture a complete line of fuel oil delivery products for the heating oil transportation, delivery, and storage market.

Scully fuel oil delivery products include:

  • Tank Ventalarm® Whistles
  • Tank Gauges
  • Unifil® Tight Fill Connectors
  • Ball-Valve Delivery Nozzles
  • Flow Controls
  • Actuators

All Scully delivery products are designed as a total system to prevent spills and improve delivery efficiency and profitability.

Scully systems now also include:

  • Electronic overfill prevention for top and bottom loading and storage tanks
  • Static Ground Proving Systems
  • Vehicle Identification systems

For small bulk plant overfill prevention and grounding systems to ensure safe loading and storage, see the Petroleum Markets, Terminal Equipment, or Transportation Equipment pages.

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