Lube Oil Delivery

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Scully offers a complete line of products for the lube oil delivery and storage market. These products include equipment for tanks including fill alarms to prevent spills and gauges to provide liquid level indication. For larger storage tanks, Scully offers electronic overfill prevention control systems.

In addition, Scully provides tank truck delivery equipment for efficient, leak-proof, and spill-free deliveries. Equipment includes ball valve delivery nozzles, flow controls, portable fill devices, and ground-proving and overfill prevention systems.

Scully mechanical lube oil storage and delivery equipment includes:

  • Tank Ventalarm® Whistles
  • Swing Arm Tank Gauges
  • Golden Gallon Gauge® Float Gauges in Gallons or Inches
  • Unifil® Tight Fill Connectors
  • Delivery Nozzles
  • Flow Controls

All Scully delivery products are designed as a total system to prevent spills and improve delivery efficiency and profitability.

Scully Systems also include Electronic Equipment for:

  • Electronic tank vehicle and storage tank overfill prevention
  • Ground proving systems
  • Vehicle Identification systems
  • Portable Water Detector and Level Sensor

For small bulk plant overfill prevention and grounding systems to ensure safe loading and storage, see the Petroleum Markets, Terminal Equipment, or Transportation Equipment pages.


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