Break Away Cables

For terminal equipment protection during truck drive-aways.

  • Protect your investment in controllers, wiring, and cables
  • Recover from a drive-away in minutes without an electrician
  • Choose between a short Break-Away Plug and Cable close to the vehicle or a longer Pull-Away Plug and Cable connected near the terminal junction box

Break-Away Plug and CablePull-Away Plug and Cable
Cable with two plugs on it attaches to the end of the Scully overfill plug for drive-away situationsCable with Scully overfill plug connects to a special socket wired to the junction box for quick disconnects and easy cable replacement during drive-aways
Designed as an extension to existing Scully plugDesigned as one-piece easy replacement plug and cable without additional connections

Part  NumberDescription
09474SG-GRN-4 Scul-Gard Break-Away Cable, 10 Pin, Green Plug, 4J Slots
 09472SG-GRN-2 Scul-Gard Break-Away Cable, 10 Pin, Green Plug, 2J Slots
 09473SG-BLU-3 Scul-Gard Break-Away Cable, 6 Pin, Blue Plug, 3J Slots

Environmental Temperature:-40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C)
10 Conductor Cable:White– 16 Gauge, All Other– 18 Gauge, 3 feet (91.44cm)
Materials:Plug Body: Polyurethane
Insulator: Polycarbonate
Contact Pins: Stainless Steel

Note: The cable’s working length is enclosed in a fuel-resistant jacket. The cable is oil and gas resistant.

Scully Signal