Portable Liquid Level Sensors

For overfill prevention in single compartment tank vehicles.

  • Single point sensors used in numerous top-loading applications such as rail cars and hazardous liquid tank vehicles.
  • Intended for use with Scully overfill prevention control monitors- (ST-15 models) which feature Dynacheck® circuitry that monitors the sensor, wiring, connections and its own operation 30 times per second

  • Sensor is inserted into the tank compartment and an adjustable clamp or coupling allows you to determine the sensing level and holds the sensor in place
  • Will not permit loading under any fault or wet sensor conditions
  • Each model has an adjustable clamp or coupling, depending on its intended use
  • Specific models available for unheated or heated liquids
  • Available in aluminum or stainless steel
  • Units with connection cables that detach from the rack location are also available
  • Hang at the rack location or elsewhere when not in use

Part NumberModel NumberDescription
09188SP-PYIO/4PPortable Cane Sensor, 36″, 4-Pin Plug, 20′ Straight Cable
09466SP-TO/SS/4PPortable Chemical Cane Sensor
07725SP-PYU/4PPortable Cane Sensor, 36″, 4 Pin Plug, 20′ Straight Cable
07726SP-PYH/4PPortable Cane Sensor, 36″, 4 Pin Plug, 20′ Straight Cable
08261SP-PYH(SS)/4PPortable Cane Sensor, 36″, 4 Pin Plug, 20′ Straight Cable
08839SP-PYU(SS)/4PPortable Cane Sensor, 36″, 4 Pin Plug, 20′ Straight Cable
07756SP-PYUG/4PPortable Cane Sensor, GATX Coupling, 4-Pin Plug, 20’ Cable
07757SP-PYHG/4PPortable Cane Sensor, GATX Coupling, 4-Pin Plug, 20’ Cable
09326SP-PYU/SS/4RPortable Cane Sensor, 2″ Coupling
09483SP-PYFU/SS/4PPortable Optic Chemical Sensor Care Probe, 36″, 4 Pin, 20’ Coil Cable


Part NumberDescription
09189SP-PYIO Replacement Optic Cane Sensor
09375L1Sensor Assy, two-wire Optic, Chemical (SS) BAS/FMC
09376L1Sensor Assy, five-wire Optic, Chemical (SS) BAS/FMC
09190SP-PYU Replacement Cane Sensor (Low Temp Thermistor)
09191SP-PYH Replacement Cane Sensor (High Temp Thermistor)
09183SP-PYU(SS) Replacement Cane Sensor (Low Temp Thermistor SS)
09184SP-PYH(SS) Replacement Cane Sensor (High Temp Thermistor SS)
07707SJ-4D Pole Pattern Socket, 4 Pin for Cane Probes
31504Signal Conditioner for Rack Mounting ST-47 Dual Mode Operation
07720SJ-6S Thermistor Socket for Bottom/Top Loading Operation
09478Clamp Assembly, Horiz/Vertical Portable Cane

Temperature:SP-PY;-40° to +120°F(-40°to +48°C)
SP-PYH; 0° to +200°F(-18°to +93°C)
SP-PYFU;-40° to +140°F (-40°to +60°C)
Construction:SP-PY and PYH wetted parts (Pyrex®): Aluminum, Viton®, Borosilicate glass
SP-PY(SS) and PYH(SS) wetted parts: 316 stainless steel, Teflon®, borosilicate (Pyrex®) glass
SP-PYFU wetted parts: Aluminum, Viton®, Epoxy; All models have Stainless Clamp screws
Level Repeatability:+/- 1⁄16″ (1.6mm)
Size:Refer to diagram
Cable:20′ (6m) fuel resistant

Note: Scully SP-PY, SP-PYH, and SP-PYFU portable sensors are part of an intrinsically safe system using entity parameters in conjunction with Scully control monitors approved by FMC.
The intrinsically safe outputs of these control units allow the sensors to be used in Class I Division 1, Group D Hazardous Locations. Consult Scully for other specific details.

Scully Signal