Scully Unifil® Tight Fill Adaptors, Caps and Nozzle Connectors

For Fast, Leak-Proof Connections

  • High pumping rates without leaks
  • Easily installs on fill pipe
  • Mates to Scully nozzle connector for leak-proof filling
  • Look for the Scully name for made-in-the-U.S.A. quality and reliability

  • Available in male and female threads
  • 45° adaptors are ideally suited where the fill pipe is close to the wall
  • Straight adaptors suitable when replacing a pipe plug for 1 ¼”, 1 ½” and 2” fill pipes
  • Cap fits the top of all Scully straight and 45° adaptors and features a heavy-weight design
  • Nozzle connector is installed on the nozzle outlet and incorporates a special hex opening to match the hex on Scully’s all-weather caps

45° Adaptor

Ideally suited for situations where the fill pipe is close to the wall

Part #Model #Size
 04324Female UF-411-1/4″
 04325Female UF-441-1/2″
 04328Female UF-472″
 04352Male UF-1521-1/2″
 04351Male UF-1512″


Straight Adaptor

Used when replacing a pipe plug

Part #Model #Size
 04336Female UF-651-1/4″
 04337Female UF-65C1-1/4″ cored
 04338Female UF-661-1/2″
 04339Female UF-66C1-1/2″ cored
 04340Female UF-672″
 04341Female UF-67C2″ cored
 04311Male UF-151-1/4″
 04312Male UF-161-1/2″
 04313Male UF-16C1-1/2″ cored
 04314Male UF-172″
 04315Male UF-17C2″ cored


Male Shoulder Adaptor

Specially designed for installation in an existing fill box or coupling or in applications where a good watershed is desired around the joint

Part #Model #Size
04332UF-50S2″ S
 04385UF-50SC2″ S cored


All-Weather Cap

Fits all Scully straight and 45° adaptors and Scully Unifil® nozzle connectors

Part #Model #Size
 04316UF-21Fits all Scully Straight and 45° Adaptors


Nozzle Connector

Part #Model #Size
04323UF-371-1/4″ NPT
 04327UF-461-1/2″ NPT
 04346UF-122Special threads for Sculflow Nozzle


Nozzle O-Ring Package

Part #Model #Size

Scully Signal