Multi-Sensor Mounting Holder

Easy to install, proven point level detection and overfill prevention

  • Custom sensing level adjustment at installation
  • Special Multi-Sensor Holder allows for three sensors mounted in one holder
  • Multi-Holder reduces installation and maintenance costs


The ordering information below is for FM and FMC approved units. For International ATEX and SIL approved models, see: Storage Tank Sensors_60635_RevE_ATEX.pdf

Multi-Sensor Mounting Holder

Part NumberDescriptionLow TempHigh Temp
07436SP-H Multi-Sensor Mounting Holder (up to three sensors)

Temperature Range:Standard; 0º to +140ºF (-18º to +60ºC)
Low; -40º to +122ºF (-40º to +50ºC)
High; 0º to +200ºF (-18º to +93ºC)
Product Range:Gasoline through #6 oil, and most low viscosity petro-chemical liquids
Size:Refer to diagrams
Response Time:0.5 second maximum, refer to the controller specifications
Exposed Materials:
Holders:Aluminum housings, Viton® seals (SP-H only)

Note: The SP-H is designed to withstand pressures up to 400 psi

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