Ventalarm® Tank Fill Signals

The Original Tank Fill Alarm for Spill-Free Deliveries

  • Since 1936, the first and the finest tank fill—built to last!
  • Stops costly spills and prevents ruptured tanks
  • Improves delivery efficiency
  • One-time installation usually outlasts the life of the tank

  • Used for above and below ground tanks
  • Version for a 90° pipe elbow available
  • Calibrated whistle stems allow for product expansion
  • Whistle stem may be cut for flat-style tanks
  • Patented screen keeps whistle chamber free from pipe scale and bugs
  • Models are available for most types of tank installation
  • Compression Ventalarm® Tank Fill Signal available for existing installations

Ventalarm® Tank Fill Signals

Tank OpeningVent PipeModel #Part #
1-1/4″1-1/4″VS 20100201
1-1/2″1-1/2″VS 20200202
1-1/2″1-1/4″VS 24000208
2″1-1/4″VS 52100215
2″1-1/2″VS 53000216
2″2″VS 27000209
1-1/4″ (90° Elbow)1-1/4″VS 2300227
2″2″*16-1/2″ – up to 2,000 gal.00272
2″2″*21-3/4″ – greater than 2,000 gal.00274
2″2″For 275 gal. vertical and flat tanks00275

*For cement vaulted tanks


Compression Ventalarm® Tank Fill Signals

Installs without Removing the Existing Vent Pipe

Tank OpeningVent PipeModel #Part #
1″1″VS 22400205
1-1/4″1-1/4″VS 22000203
1-1/4″1″VS 22100204
1-1/2″1-1/2″VS 22900207
2″2″VS 27500213
Gasket Kit1″VS 224/22110269
Gasket Kit2″VS 27510328

Note: Compression Ventalarm® Tank Fill Signals are not for use in underground tanks


Remote Ventalarm® Tank Fill Signals

Fill Signal for Vents Distant from Fill Pipe

Uses a special intrusion stem and weighted vent cap; see catalog for illustration

Part #Tank OpeningVent PipeModel #
 002191-1/4″1-1/4″VS 921
 002211-1/4″2″VS 924
 00223*Special1-1/4″VS 926

*Fits into hole drilled into tank when no opening is available


Large Tank Remote Ventalarm® Tank Fill Signals

Part #DescriptionModel #
 00255Vent cap, 2″ pipe, heavy dutyVC 127
10059Intrusion, 2″ threadVC 113
 10071Whistle signal, 3/4″ lineVC 153
 00233Complete assemblyVC 119

Large tank remote signals require a 3/4″ line for heavy oils; not supplied by Scully

Remote signals require 3/8″ copper tubing to connect to whistle; not supplied by Scully


Vent Caps

Part #DescriptionModel #
 00267Vent cap, 1-1/4″ die castVC 547
 00262Vent cap, 1-1/4″ weightedVC 910
00255Vent cap, 2″ heavy dutyVC 127
 00260Vent cap, 2″ unweightedVC 921

Scully Signal