Portable Water Level Sensor and Detector

For Fast and Accurate Water Presence and Level Detection

  • Can be used in gasoline, jet fuels, fuel oils #1- 4, diesel, and ethanol gasoline blends
  • Sounds an audible alarm when it touches water
  • Eliminates the need for a paste stick
  • Lightweight and portable—battery operated
  • As easy to use as a drop line
  • Sensor head small enough to fit into most tank openings
  • Used for above- and below-ground tanks, boat tanks and bilges, underground wiring tunnels, etc.

  • Approved by CSA as intrinsically safe for hazardous environments
  • Alerts for the presence of water; accurate in determining volume
  • 7/8″ probe diameter

  • Zinc alloy housing
  • PVC cable jacket
  • Brass sensor
  • 3 lbs.

Scully Signal