Electric Deadman Handle and Cable Assembly

This electric deadman handle and cable assembly is used in conjunction with Scully overfill prevention and/or ground verification systems when regulations or operating procedures require the use of an operator held deadman switch.

The rugged deadman handle fits easily in the hand for the maximum in operator comfort. When the trigger is squeezed, an electric switch is activated.The handle itself is constructed of high performance Urethane and includes all stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance.

A thirty-two-foot, coiled cable with petroleum-resistant, 2-conductor coiled cable is provided for convenient connection to the Sculcon junction box.dman Cable to Sculcon Box


08863Deadman Handle & Switch Assembly, Blk Coil Cable, 32′
32425Strain Relief 90Deg 3/8″ – Deadman Cable to Sculcon Box

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