T.I.M.® – Truck Identification Module

Part of Scully’s unique Truck-to-Terminal Vehicle Identification Safety System

  • Provides a unique serial number to the Intellitrol® Vehicle Identification Prover® (V.I.P. ®) system control unit, allowing the truck to communicate with the terminal during loading
  • Used in conjunction with your Scully tank truck overfill prevention and vehicle static grounding controls
  • Simplifies the loading process by providing the vehicle information through your overfill prevention connection
  • May be included in the Scully DuoCept® and IntelliCheck® System Kits for convenience and cost savings

Data Sheets:

  • The original Truck Identification Module® designed and patented by Scully
  • Easy to mount—wires into the new or existing overfill prevention socket

 08836-LTT.I.M. Scully Truck ID Module for Scully Intellitrol/V.I.P. system compatibility

Temperature Range:-40° to +140° F (-40° to +60° C)
Materials:Epoxy encapsulated
Dimensions:Shown on diagram
Approvals:Factory Mutual (FM), for use in Class 1, Division II, Group D hazardous locations in the U.S. and Canada.


Scully T.I.M.

Installation Instructions:

T.I.M. Installation Instructions

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