Ground Proving Plug and Cable Assembly with Sculcon Junction Box

  • Can be used with a variety of loading operations including tank trucks, rail tank cars, aircraft refuelers and tanks for an independent ground proving method without overfill prevention to ensure that transport vehicles are properly tied to ground before and during the loading operation
  • The ST-47 Static Grounding system continuously monitors the ground connection and if that connection is lost, the ST47 will non-permit
  • For static ground verification in conjunction with your Scully Overfill Prevention system, wire the ST-47 through your Overfill Prevention Control Monitor and plug and cable for one quick overfill protection and static grounding/earthing connection; see Plug & Cable Assemblies for Overfill with Grounding Combinations

For use with ST-47 Groundhog when it is wired through the ST-35 or ST-15 Overfill Prevention Control Unit

For Grounding Verification Clamp and Cable Unit see tech data sheet: Ground Clamp Cable US

08249SC-47 Sculcon Junction Box, Ground Plug, Blk Straight Cable, 20′
08219Replacement Plug and 20′ Straight Cable Assembly for SC-47 Sculcon Junction Box
08567SC-47 Sculcon Junction Box, Ground Plug, Blk Coil Cable, 32′
08566Replacement Plug and 32′ Coiled Cable Assembly for SC-47 Sculcon Junction Box
08565Replacement Plug only
32319SC-47 Sculcon Box Assy, General Purpose
32445Strain Relief, 3⁄8″ for Grounding Cable

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