Plug & Cable Assemblies with Sculcon Series Junction Box

For Safe, Efficient and Reliable Rack-to-Vehicle Connection

  • Designed for use with the intrinsically safe output circuits of Scully’s Intellitrol, ST-35 or ST-15 Terminal Control Monitors
  • Used to connect the Scully loading rack monitor to the vehicle mounted socket.

  • Extremely rugged petroleum-resistant design which can withstand harsh environments and mishandling
  • Permanent socket locator pins that won’t loosen or back out
  • Internal cable retention clamp to prevent cable pull-out or twisting
  • The plugs and cables are the pathway for the control unit, sensor signals, ground bolt and T.I.M. Truck ID module which monitor the status of overfill prevention, electro-static grounding and vehicle identification during loading operations

Scully Signal