Portable Whistle-Stop and Fill Device for Underground or Small Above-Ground Tanks

  • All-in-one unit means the driver carries only one piece for filling and spill prevention
  • Built-in anti-foam vents won’t disturb sludge on the tank bottom while allowing for larger drops
  • Fills to within 4″ of the top of the tank

Data Sheets:

  • Fits 1-1/2″ and 2″ tank openings
  • Prevents spills and allows for product expansion
  • Available in 9″-, 36″-, or 50″-lengths

Part #Fill Pipe LengthInlet ConnectorFasfill Spout SizeModel #
 0481436″Unifil®VF 4814
 0483136″2″ Scul-Tite
 0481550″Unifil®VF 4815
 0482050″“B” Fasfill®1-1/4″ PIPEVF 4820

Note: All Ventafil® will accept 2″ NPT male pipe threaded connections


Part #Description
 04332Unifil® 2” Adaptor
 04316Unifil® Cap
 04342Cord & Lock Ring
 11042Adaptor Gasket
 10926Whistle Gasket
 10506Whistle Retaining Clip
 10925Adjustable Plug Assembly
 10910Relief Disk
 50120Disk Holding Screw
 10715Bearing Pad
 10949Adjustable Plug Body
 53100Thumb Screw
 11049Stop Pad

ventafil Replacement Parts_Cut Away

Scully Signal